Armonia Online

'Armonia Online’  is the unique service in Greece provided by a matchmaking agency for online dating and chatting.

By signing up, every user gets access to the programme. For more benefits and for reliable and safe chat, upgrade to confirmed or VIP member is recommended.

a) 50 or 60 Euros / 3 months

b) 80 or 90 Euros / 6 months

c) 110 or 120 Euros / 1 year

(VAT is included). 

Bank Accounts

National Bank

IBAN : GR0401102130000021300667108


IBAN : GR0302601830000220201020203

Bank holder : Κανταρτζή Αθανασία (Kantartzi Athanasia)

For every profile's activation and for everyone's safety, identity or passport has to be shown to the administrator, so that personal information will be verified. This information is classified and protected due to GDPR.

Extra tip: Devote time to create your profile, be specific about your preferances, be careful of your spelling, describe yourself, add at least one nice and recent photo of yours.


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Your services have been proved to be valuable. We thank you warmly.

D. & R.

Appreciation to the humanity and respect that you show,  thanks for the happiness that you gave us, and countless wishes you to continue....!!!

S & L .

Always grateful for the time you spent, the interest you showed, and the result of your work that still seems to us unbelievable but is thoroughly true..

G & M.

Approaching you with skepticism and disbelief, i never expected that through a dating office, i would meet the love of my life, my beloved K. Your persuasion changed our small world. Thank you deeply for this..

D & K.

Thank you for bringing smile, joy and love back to our lives..

N & S.

Gratitude and thanks to a happy coincidence and success of our marriage.

With love,
G & L

Thank you wholeheartedly for contributing with interest and love in fulfilling our dreams. We wish you continue with the same passion in your office.

Μ & D.

From the depths of our soul, thank you for giving meaning and joy in our lives. We wish our happiness become an attraction for those looking for their other half.

E & A.

Every time you said 'every obstacle is for good purpose', remember? And finally the effort and waiting were rewarded. Thank you for a wonderful life that we are confident that awaits us.

Κ & Κ.
 Be always well and continue this wonderful work, what you offer through your heart.
A & D.